15 March, 2012

29 January, 2012

last haul

hello Readers,
sorry for lack of update..
went crazy last month cause
 alot of sale is happenning around Chinese new year..:))
so here some of my haul,
some others not yet take piccy cuz to lazzy..

since long time no shoping so shop gila-gila sampai habis duit!
went broke!!

okay,so here some of my haul..
the clothes
white floral dress,white hooded t shirt,gray top,a short pant.

the white hooded t shirt

 the white dress:)
white dress with ribbon vest~
ok guess this one???
a handbag??
a dog bag??
a travell bag??
its a makeup box....hellyeah..
a cute one!:))
since im a beautician now..so need this a lot..:))

olso buy my fav snack ROcky(pocky)
and some headband from DAISO

and nao...for some recent photo spam..:))

with hair extension

innocent face 
look like a ninja:D
*sorry for bad quality pic,no camera for a while,all pic taken by hp..*