a little bit about me :)))

im aQma~yes that my real name~^^
im 19 y.o this year~
i live in malaysia^^(sabah)
Random fact:
 i am a verry bubbly person~
 i always wanted a classic car~i think its more sophisticated
 im not a brand person~for me,as long as it have good quality,im satisfied~:))
 i am a verry lazzy person!Lol!
 i love to eat fast food,especially mcD burger~
 when im nervous~i either talk a lot or stay real Quiet~
 i have a creative mind~
 i am an animal person~i hate animals abuse!
 i love ullzang and gyru style~can't decide~ !
 i super lover pink and cute stuff!
 i hate stalker~WTF,i you want to know so much about me,why don't just be my friend??
 i love makeups,dreses,and circle lenses~
 i tent to be girly,but sometime can be tomboyish!