16 March, 2011

still learning=="

this blogging thingy is kinda hard...n my internet lines is so suckish!!

blub! im still trying to making it purfect" hm...well i kinda edicted to bloging...
well i guess im just another blogger in the internet...;)

at first~i don't really gets why people blog~
i mean like...y u spill Ur life to total stranger who don't even care who u r~

well i wass kinda kiddish back then~lol XDDD

umph!!!its raining again...i hates it when its raining..its kinda spoil my moods..
i was about to take a ride to shopping mall~u would prob wonder why rite?
im a new driver~who just got my license~(yey 4 me!! \^0^/ ) so im still kindda scared to drive alone~loled!XDD

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