11 June, 2011



i think its means smthing like hello n also gudbye in korea..
LOL~i getting addicted to koreans again~

im a weird person my addiction is on and of~
WTFF???its fucking wierd huh?

i neva really stick down on my obsession
well i guess u dont call that obsession eh?lol!

Sorry~my entry is kinda weird today~

BOys over Flower!
im sure u have heard tht b4~
well the drama got many version,
but still the korean version r the best one yet!!

the drama hev been in air long time ago on kbs world
but now it having an encore!yup!best thing eva~
i neva get tired watching tht drama~lol!

this is my fav song on the drama~

ill be waiting 4 you~

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