01 July, 2011

Blonde me???

omg~this girl change hair colour???

i look so chubby!=="

mahaha~Lol~its not really my new hair color, its just a wig~
but,gotta admits ~it does look suitable on me~
i buy this wig bcuz i want to know if my face suits well with the colour~
i thnk im gonna color may hair blonde!
no kidding!!!!
i never have the guts to wear outside my house~
bcus it look so fake~like seriously!

here some more~

^both ar my old pic

so yah???what do you thnk???
imm gonna change my hair color soon :))))


Momickey said...

You're very cute & I love your blog! ♥

Isabel said...

Yes.. It does look kinda fake lol I imagine your real hair would look better =) But so damaging x.x

Chococcuro said...

Just came across your blog~~ You are so adorable!!

I actually couldn't tell immediately that it was a wig...I had to look hard!! haha

aQma♥ said...

thanks everyone^^.mind be my follower??
im newbie here~

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