26 July, 2011

circle lens review~bhytle i lens~(super barbie)

 aneyong my chinggu! 

as i promise you in my previous post~
a circle lens review~ 
i purchase this last week from facebook~
since my black lens is expired~
i really need a new one!
and shit happen!they sent wrong lens!kya!!!!
and i just realize after open it!!

The package ~
box~kawaii ne??
i love the box design~
the bottle~
cute label stickers eh???
yep~i choose green colour!my first green colour lens!
closer view~

comparison photo~

lighting condition~with lens on~

with makeup~

about the product:
name:bhytle cherry
diameter: 16.5 mm
colour:  green
degree:  0
life span:1 year disposal
it wasnt the lens that i oder~but i stil like the 3 tone of colour~it look more natural~
this i the biggest lens i got,but i don't really enlarge my eyes because of the natural color ~
its really comfy when put it in~but it is ti soft and a little bit large,i have a little hard time to put it in though~

lets take a close look on the overall looks~ (piccy spam)!

ok~sow what do you think??
is the color suite me well or not?

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