01 August, 2011

china false lashes review~no:036

anneyong my readers!.glad to post again 
sorry for rarely updating my blog~
been buzzy~
OK, remember my last haul?
im going to do a review on one of the flashies i bought~^^
its on no:036
this product don't have any description of it,but i think its from china~
because of the chinese writing~LOL!
the only thing i can read on the box are:specially made by hand entirelly. if you can notice it,its under the left side of the box~these are very cheapo!i got 3 box for Rm 10 only!

the box~

closer looks~

What i like:The cheep price
stalks are not hard
comfortable to wear
the dramatic look

these lashes are shockingly  are soft,considering the price~
my most fav is this one rather then the 2 box i bought~
because of the instant dramatic looks it have~
it kindda makes your eyes pop! 

a usual pic spam from me!LOL!im such a camewhore!

with flashes!

i hate how flash make my skin so yellowish!

supper love the instant dramatic looks!

lol i look retard!
sexy pose,faill!!

today outfit ~



cominica said...

wow! that;s a really loooonggg false lashes! :D
want ittttt <3 <3


PopBlush said...

You are SO cute!

Those lashes look great on you~

Mary-chan said...

You are cuuutie ^_^

aQma♥ said...

cominica:no may,you have more false lashes than me~:P

pop blush:Thank !<3

marry chan:thanks <3

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