09 August, 2011

False lashed review~No:108

helo my readers~
today im going to do a short post!
sory for the lack of updated~
im moving so im packing my stuf~
lots of stuff!
so yes im doing a little review of last false lashes i bought~
this one is on no 108
its on naturals looks~
so the box~
sorry for the croped pic~lol lazzy to take new pic~
blured left pic~sorry~

The overal lookS~

What i love:
its really complete the natural looks 
soft stalks considering the price                                      

these lashes really give the natural looks~
suitable for school,and collage~
its naturally long~
make people notice you,but don't really know what izzit~;)

mabye im not going to post anything for a while~buzy~!
bye for now!

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