23 August, 2011

Silkygirl product review

 ok guys~as i promise you~
A review from my last haul~
im going to do the silkygirl makeup product review today^^

Blockbuster color palette
Product description :4 tone of brown shades,less shimmer a little bit of matte to the skin~
 Made in thailand.
view from the back~


with flash
no flash
brown no 1 and 2 is hardly seen because it almost the same as my skin tone~

texture: compact powder alike, smooth and silky

staying power: it have good staying power:even when i rub it,its still stay~

What i love: the price is really reasonable ~Rm 19.90
the colour its matte rather shimmer then other product~(although i would like the highlighter (no1)a lil bit shimmery)
its on small size,easy to carry anywhere.

What i don't like:the highlighter(no 1) its kinda matte~better if shimmery ~ :))

i love to use brown color as my shadoes~its looks more natural^^

Silkygirl Double Intense  Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

The packaging 

the gel/pot~
its a lil smaller from maybeline gel liners
i know,what a weird looking packaging?
this is why~
attached  brush :))
pull the brush out..and connect it to the cap.
tada!!now u got the brush..

ok now,the swatches~
sorry for blurry pic~
2 swipe ~
i love it..it have deep black color~

waterproof test:
waterproveness: yes it waterproof!!:))

rub test
after rubbing with water:yes it still stay!

What i love:the waterproof ,deep black color,and rub-proof ~and yes the wierd packaging.

What i hate: the brush have a weird shape~hard to get a good grip~
Silkygirl Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

 yay for,its oil base but surprisingly not very oily residue~:))
relly affective,one swipe can clean a lot~!

the result~
see the section in the lines~its clean after few swipe~
total rate:

Silkygirl Magic BB Powder Foundation
its a bb cream affect's on foundation powder~! 
the box~


my comments: relly great coverage~no need to put bb cream of foundation with these~


Maii said...

nice review ! wow, i want to buy that eyeshadows, so cheap ! >w<

btw, this is the scans that you requested. have a nice day !


aQma♥ said...


cominica said...

Nice review~~ I always looking for silky girl review. this is really helpful~
btw you look so cutee in that picture :D

aQma♥ said...

thanks cominica,yeah these product r really good~
they sell this at Indonesia to?
~thanks~you look cute with the blonde wigS!

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