18 October, 2011


heloo again!!!
finally!some update frm this girl~
so sorry for no updates for quite a long time~
my lappy is sick,plus my buzzy scheduled,
making me to tired up to update~
ok~what heppen with my  life??
im getting classes of beautician.
interesting eh~??!!
yah,for meh to!!
ive learn a lot frm my classes ~
prehaps one day i can open my own spa~;P
i probably going to share my  knowledge with u guys~
so,stay tune k^^

thinking of cutting my hair again
something short, less messy,
 cuz,evrytime go to classes must look neat,
and tie your hair~
that fact annoyed me a lot~=="
something short like piccy below~
ok if u are a popteen addict or a gyru,
u probably know who she is~
totally adore her short hairstyles which inspired me a lot!!
i wannA go blonde to!!
but i guest going to start with darker color~^^

thats all from me,much love guys^^


♡ Miharu ♡ said...

you look so cute !!
love you hair and eyes <3

xiaoqing♥Aki said...

Ahhh I love suzuki nana toooo! And nice blog you have here! you're very cute! Kekekeke.


Mai said...

nice make up, cute pictures (:

CMPang x

Vyvy said...

you are super cute!! love your blog! ^^

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