25 March, 2011


Happy tuesday^^
i have start my day with mc d big breakfast~
i was suppose to uplod some pic of it but~
my card reader is broken~
lol~me so ganas lo cabut tht thing~
so no pic 4 a while~;"(

well u just gonna hear me tok,tok,4 A While~
so yah~im suddentlly into domo now~??
for some reason i find domokun is addorable~with the mouth open~lol..
well i download some pic on the internet,and edit it a little~
i guess domokun is my ne fav~YEY!!

my bf is sick~i hape i dont catch his cold~
my poor baby~i hope he get better soon~
dont forget to eat ur meds cyg~

well i havent tell u guys about my beloved bf yet rite??
mabye some other time~
now i wanna watch some ido drama~
buh~bye 4 now^^

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