23 March, 2011


im here to point out somthing today~
im malking this blog becuz i wanted it~
and i fell like in doing it!
and is not bcuz of u having a blog,its bcuz i wanted it!
why dont blame that to everyone that have a blog eh??
its my life and it got nothing to do with you~

im not de coolest,prettiest,glamorous,or rich like any other
spoil brat u saw out there~
i strive for excellence by my own~
and i dont care what other people wanna say bout it~

all im upset about is~my friendship life~
why?cuz evrytime im trying to make sombody my bff,
it just gets bad~i dont know wht ive done wrong?
i tried to be a gud friend,lisening,understanding,caring~
im just feling sorry for my self~
well i care for a person sow much~
she dont evn like to look at me~
she even talk bhind my back~
sorry if i did something wrong,i dont meant to be tht way~
n why dont u just speaks up,if i did~
i mean tht wats friends r 4 rite??
well u dont have to pretend tht u like me or be befriending me if u dont wnt to~
dont get my hope ups~it just gets me disapointed~
when the truth actually out !

well~im speaking like ths bcuZ~
i wsnt hurt once~
i dont know y im so easily to trust and love(friendly love) anyone so easily~
i gues i neva learn my lesson~
sometime i felt sorry 4 my self~damn !!

but above all disappointment i only love one person since we r friend~
a big applause for !! Qaysa Fatin !!
honestly~shes the only friend who really care bout me~
bout who i am~but sadly~we r far away~
shes at kl,me at sabah~but someday im gonna visit her~
and we be re united again~LoL~i gues i just miss her~

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