19 March, 2011


its Saturday!!
well i cant wait to watch my fav korean drama ~DREAM HIGH~!
its actually playing the double eps of the week~
i love the storyline~the actress~the scene~well almost everything!!
i just cant believe it was the last episode this week~
well the ending was good~
the hardworking character a the one who persuading his dream~
well~u understand what im saying if u watch it~

the character i adore the most is~hm~i cant choose!!
i love them all!go hye mi,song samdong,hot taecyeon(i kinda forgot his cracter name),kim pilsuk,jason,n yes,yun baek ki^^

ive olso watched big momma 3 at 12 am!
i know~so l8?hahahaha
the movie was so funny!!
i laugh frm the start,till the end~
u should watch it~its really funny~

thats all 4 today folks ~buh~bye^^

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