17 June, 2011

Movie Review:Green lantern

ok~lets face it~im actually a movie person.
well i go watch movie every time theres a good movie~
yesterday i go watch this new release movie~Green Lantern

it was a good movie to watch~
well i give it 4 stars~
The movie is about a not very responsible young man,
Hal Jordan(Ryan Reynolds)~Wat a HOOtie!!!

Was choosen by the special ring from outer planet,
to be one of they protector,after the protector before him kill by an evil elien called Parallax.
well Hal is afraid of Responsibility ~and have been given a verry big one~
he actually Quit on the responsibly when everyone of the ring holder says he wasnt worthed
but when he know the parallax want to destroy earth because of him,
he rise to the challenge ~and as always,the hero saved the day!
Ryan Reynolds are so looking like Hitrik Roshan when he was wearing mask and suit~
like totallY!!no kidding!

he are some pic from the movie

you gotta watch the movie urself^^

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