24 June, 2011

tutorial:Natural nail shine ^^

anneyong ^^

As i promise you guys today im going to post a tutorial for shining ur nail

~without the use of any chemicals.


You need some garlic:

Peel the skin of the garlic, and slice it into two.

Rub the open side of the garlic to your nails,

you can also scrap the dirt on ur nail with the garliclet it dry on your nail,and after it dry.wash it of~

~ Tada!!

Your nail will shine in its natural way^^

~this method is really suitable to clean your nail especially for those who like to keep long nail~

What i ♥:

~no chemicals involve~(totally save)

~clean troughly


what i hate~

~it smell bad(the garlic)

Other method to shine your nail without nail polish is

~Using nail buffer~

It got 2 sides~

the first side is for smoothing your nail.

And the other one is for shining it~

I love this thing~ it works like magic! you should try it too^^

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