14 July, 2011

Header giveaway!

anneyong chinggu!

heloo,my dear blog reader~ ^^

today im gonna talk about my blog apperence...
if you read my blog a lot~u notice one thing..
i always change my header,my background and etc...

its because,i always find another blog that im envy with..LoL :DDD
i do a lot of revision,with you tube and some other blog tutorial...(if only i worked just as hard on my study :P)
ok i admits im not as good as them~:)))

most deco on my blog are made by my self including bg~(sometime i download from google)
most important thing is,my header.i change them like a lot~Rite~??
i made them myself to^^
its a transperent header wich i made with gimp and photoscape.

and since im having some free time..
i decided,im going to make one for you guys~
on condition,
~must comment this post~
~must be my public follower
2 person who comment first are going to get free header from me!!
maybe if i have time i make more^^ 

now,my piccy~
 my pic b4 dying my hair & cuting it!

thats all bubye 4 now


Maii said...

wah i want ! haha

aQma♥ said...

ok mai,i do one 4 u~just msg me the detail~on my fb^^

さくらガール said...

i love your blog and your graphics, awesome work♥

Like your make-up too! ♥

aQma♥ said...

thanks jenny^^,if u want to request transparent header,u must be my public follower to^^

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