12 July, 2011

steamboat dinner with my sister friend^^

anneyong Chinggu!<3

yay,im posting again! :))))
last night im joining my sister to a steamboat~all you can eat dinner! at winbell seafood restaurant
gah!im so excited!all can eat?? wtf rite~?!!
so,yes~i havent enjoy a lot of seafood for long time~a usual amount yes but not all u can eat one! :))

Gah!im so getting fat ALREDY!!NEED TO GO ON DIETING!!!
after enjoying the food need to diet after this lo!!!

 my chubby pose~p/s:day b4 :))

at the main entrance:)))

before starting~take some piccy first!

the middle one is my older sis,we look diff eh??
most people will say,nah u guys look noting the same~
some other people will say,i know it,no wonder u look so same!!
i just get Confius sometimes = ="
look yummy eh~we just grab everything on the buffet to put in out pots~
cuz everyone is verry exited~!! :DDD

now lest stary eating~!!


pose 4 a while~:))
i look so tall,cuz im wearing my tallest heels :))

gah!i already look fat here!!

now~for some camwhoring photo!!!



blured picy



Krissy ~ said...

aww too cute! you don't need dieting! keke ^^
the food looks so yummy! nom nom
Krissy xoxo


aQma♥ said...

@krissy:you haw no idea,im getting fat,if i not dieting~im so going to end up being ugly!:O

Maii said...

you looks so cute ! ^^

sorry for not answering your question lol ~ i will go to sabah this december ! ah, it already 15 years i leave that country T.T I will go to K.K ! maybe we can meet up? I will bring some eyelash maybe i can makeover you ! what do you think? ^^

aQma♥ said...

@maii:its ok,oh really,?thats gud news^^ yes,of cuz^^ i give u a tour olso^^

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