09 July, 2011

past history of my circle lenses~


OK ~so these are my past contact lenses,they all expired now~
i don't usually throw away them even after expired~
i felt so sayang if i just throw them~
becuz they do cost a lot~!

my colection~i dont even throw the bottle ~ :P
The bottle~

now lets take a closer look~
my very first lens.the grey, left side. i buy it from local store with my friend~. 
the usage only 3 month-and cost me lot more then the other lens~WTF??

~the others one is the amie II in purple~1 year usage
this one is verry upseting me!! i lost the others side of it,n just using it for 3 month~
making me hate myself that time!

now some photo im wearing the~yes!i look crappy!
there my old photo!
grey~3 tone

grey~3 tone
amie I~purple

amie I~purple
                                                                   amie I~purple

G&g~bt(dreamy i gray)
this is one of my fav lens~
its simple~yet~dramatic!
people really notice me around cuz this lens~

pic im wearing it~actually got lot more but on my laptop~ maybe i post it latter :P

next is:SUper nuddy bLue
diameter:15 mm

My fav lens to!~the effect is supberb!
making my eyes POP!!

my recent lens~MAro brown
                       diameter:15 mm
                      brand :Jujulens
im so in love with the color!its like 3 tone lens~
but fuck!i rip them apart!making me so sad!!!!
i just been wearing it for a month or less,but then and i forgot to add the lens solution!
im such a dumbroon for that!!!

at least i haw some pic of it~ :'(((

My current lens~
is Hyper black from jujulens~
its on 16 mm~more ullzang style~

so witch one look more suitable on me??

bye 4 now ^^


Maii said...

so many lens ! *jealous* Aww the blue one looks cute on you ! i love the current one too ! Oh thanks for putting my blog in your fav blog list ! It's such an honor ! <3

You from kota kinabalu, sabah ? Wow, i born there ! My parents are from johore, me born at sabah, and now currently stay in negeri sembilan, haha ^^

Anna said...

I personally think the super nudy blue lenses look pretty good on you :O
Too bad you've ripped the maro grey those also suited you ♥

aQma♥ said...

@Maii :aww thanks~ :))) so manny bcuz im old!yah i love tht one too!you r welcome dear^^

yes i am.so when you coming back here??:))

aQma♥ said...

@anna:thanks anna:i love that one to!yah,its too bad rite!:((

Marjolein Hoekendijk said...

I love color lenses <33

cominica-ai said...

I think maro grey looks good!
and I use many lenses too, but already threw away the bottles :(

aQma♥ said...

@marjolein:i love them too!

@cominica:they acttually brown sorry i post it wrong~ i just love the to much to throw them!lol!

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