04 July, 2011

Hair Product Review~ Liese bubble hair color

today i will review a hair color product~from japan
Liease Buble Hair Color its a new type of hair color that uses foam~
especially for evenly colour hair.

the box~i chose the color chiffon beige

The color meter~

instruction at the back~

inside the box From L~R 1. color solution 2.color developer 3.bottle pump
4.hair lotion 5.gloves

Its my new fav stuff!the website are adorable to~:))
it Really easy to use~its like shampooing your hair
i really in love with this product!

b4 coloring~

After colour~W FLAsh

after colour~W/O flash~

after color ~W/O flash~i need to cut my bangs~ XD

my hair look much lighter~
i actually leave it on longer then the estimated time~ ;P
the color even much more lighter when expose to sun~

~ What i Love:
>The scent after wash of~ Really nice
>The procedure is simple not many step~
>the foam~the bottle dispense foam from the mixture(like magic)
>it do not make your hair dry out or damaging ~like other coloring product
>come with a good hair conditioner
>it really colour your hair evenly ~
>super easy to use~its like shampooing!

~What i don't like:
>its got sting feeling when first put on your scalp~
>the smell when you on the process~

I suggest this hair color for those the want to save budget ~ instead going to salon
and still get evenly colour hair^^

i give this 5 star!!!*****

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