05 July, 2011

Tutorial:how to curl hair without heat!


today im gonna share a tutorial about curling your hair
without any heat~
we know that heat can damage you hair badly rite???
try this method instead ^^

first~you need some paper bags~make sure its a thick one

paper bags^^

then,cut the paper bags into long strip like this~

ok~now:divide your hair into few section^

take a little amount of your hair and
sprinkle a little bit of water to your hair
~to make it wet~but not to wetor the paper bags going to be torn out

then,just roles your hair around the paper bags like the above pic^

and if you come to the end of rolling ~just tied it down like the pic above^
continue step by step~
by doing the same step,with your divided hair section~
until you finish your whole head~

and it will look like this~i use my hair rollers for my top hair section
because my hair was kinda thick~

leave it for the whole night~
yes,you have to sleep with it!
but no worry,it much more comfortable to use the paper
bags rather than the hair rollers~trust me~!

and voila!the result!!
~the next morning ~

from left side view~

and the right side view~
~you don't need to put mouse or hair spray on it~
~THe style will last the whole day~

*sorry i don provide enough pic~
if you got any Q~just ask k?? ^^

~happy trying ^^

and now~some of my camewhore pic!with the curls on~ ^^


Gyru eye make up ^^



Chococcuro said...

Such a good idea!! Wow Im going to try this! I use foam curlers I bought from Daiso hehe but the top curls always end up really big compared to the bottom ones...

aQma♥ said...

i know rite^^~Yah~if you use this method,the curls become more smaller,its really ups to you on the side of the curls~
Tips:make sure you hair wet,but not very,so ti works well^^
gud luck trying :))

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