22 July, 2011

A little bit of cosplay~

Anneyong Readers!
 happy friday!how was ur friday??
mine was a lil boring~
ok so i bet you guys have heard bout cosplay before~
i used to be into it~like verry much!
i do some to~not so verry good of it though~
its a fail!!

it has been long time ago~like few years ago~LOL!
so yah~i browse my old pic on my computer~
i found some of them~i don't know where the others is~missing???
here some of my old cosplay pic~
Enjoy~!sorry  for the bad quality !

cosplay of kira II from death note~

cosplay from k-on as tsumugi!

Some edit!

so,what do you think???
i know its a fail!LOL!

im going to do a review of super barbie hybrid lens (bhytle i flufy)Soon!

Lets now enjoy this song from katty perry~last friday night!(T.G.I.F)

Fyi:T.G.I.F stans for Thank God For Friday~~~~~~EPIC!


cominica-ai said...

I think you're pretty cool and cute!
I love cosplay too btw :D

aQma♥ said...

aw thnks!you r too!i love them to!

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