19 July, 2011

Face mask review:baviphat

anneyong reader!

Kya!today im going to do a review for Baviphat face mask~
i buy this mask few weeks ago~but i forgot to do the review~XD
so here it is~
Product name:Aloe essence family mask sheet~

Brand:Baviphat -secret recipe-Origin: Korea

The package contain 5 sheet mask~For Rm 18.90 only! Cheapo!
Guest whos on the cover!
Ingredients at the back~Kya!its on korean~how am i suppose to read that??

GAH!ugly facE!!!ignore it!!

What i Love 

>the scent~lemon like fragrant~
>the price~Rm 18.90 for 5 Sheet ~!
>non like others mask i bought~it got eyelid covers~
>Super moisturized!

what i don't like:
>its on Korean,no English subs~

Since i love to wear my mask while sleeping~
the result is verry satisfying ~ 
My skin i so mousturised,and it seem more fairer~softer to!
buy again?yes!
im super lovin this mask!

FYI:i change my url~its now http://chubbybublybeauty.blogspot.com/

Have u gues whos on the cover??


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