18 July, 2011

mini hauls~ exhausted day!

anneyong,koniciwa,heloo,hye readers~!

GA! im posting again!
yesteday,ive been to gaya street bazaar ~
its started at morning like 5.am~untill 11
since ive neve been there~yes~neva~LOL!
i join my sis to the bazaar~
i forgot to bring my camera to the scene~
but it was fun~they sell everything there~
puppies,cats, handcraft,clothes,assesory~almost everything!

my piccy b4 going~

since its so morning,i decide to wear less make up~:P
winku pose~;)

                                                                   some hauls~
                           purple mini dress ~bazaar
                           blue mini dress to~bazaar
                           vintage necklace~bazaar
                           pearl headband~daiso
                    deco sticers~random mini shop

after the morning bazaar~i go to cp with my hubby!
go watch movie,eat MCD,hang out~^^

making me like soo~tired!
i was supose to post this yesterday,
but since i was so tired,
and my bed is caling me~so i go to sleep~

now some more piccy!
                                                      another winku pose~Winku!
                                                       puppy dog pouch~

                                                     What am i looking at???

thats al 4 today~


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Skinny Love said...

ahahaha your last picture is so funny! x3 i like your blog, it's pink *.* and so cuteee :3 i'm gonna keep my eye on it ;D

xoxo Monstros no Armário

aQma♥ said...

lol,thak dear!i follow you back...

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