20 August, 2011

joining some giveaway~

so many people hosting giveaway~
super excited to joined them~
wish have more luck~

join them too~
and gudluck!!

giveaway from instanmint::join here


❤ three packs of eyelashes (thats six pairs!)❤ cute eyelash case to put all your new eyelashes in❤ king size barbie brown lenses sponsored by i-beautyshop.net❤ pa nail beads❤ pa nail repair pack❤ pa purple glitter nailpolish❤ hello kitty key holder❤ shower puff (not shown) 

 ❤ polka dot hair clips

::neko giveaway~::


❤ 1 Rilakkuma Make Up Bag 
❤ 1 Hair Scrunchie 
❤ 3 Pairs of False Eyelashes 
❤ 1 Dolly Wink Eyelash Glue 
❤ 1 Pack of Eyelid Fibre 
❤ 1 Nivea Facial Mask 
❤ 1 Handmade! Phone Strap

::cominca beauty blog::


5 brand new different style of Falsies.
handmade hairband
Purederm Strawberry Yogurt Mask,
Baviphat Grape (Anti-Wrinkle) mask
Baviphat Strawberry toxifying mask
a samples of Etude Fresh Cherry tint in Pink

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