21 August, 2011

makeup hauls~♥♥♥

heloo my dear readers!;)
sorry for lack of updates~:(
 been buzy like sh** = ="

ok,so these are some makeup hauls i buy for eid day!:))
from my favorite makeups brand~

my most fav is silkygirl product~
u probably neva heard it because it a local Malaysian brand~
it have good quality and affordable price~
 ok now closer look~
silkygirl 4 shades of brown 
honestly i mostly use brown eyeshadow~
i like it better~:)

 silkygirl double intense gel eyeliner~
neva try this before~
Fyi:I wear verry thick liner~;P
i don't mind not wearing any makeup at all
as long as i wear my liners~ 
 silkygirl gentle eye makeup remover~

silkygirl magic bb powder~
its a new product from silkygirl!
gotta try it!

maybeline clear smooth bb cream

elianto natural hues blush kit~

 ok thats all~probally going to review the product soon♥ 

piccy spamm!!!!
blowfish pose~^0^

its our anniversary yesterday!♥ ♥ ♥ 
wow one whole year!:')))
i just wish it last forever~
plis make it came true god~♥ ♥ ♥ 

To my hubby:I love you!♥ ♥ ♥ 


Maii said...

that makeup remover..you can get it for free if you buy silkygirl mascara.. ( haha, view my new blog post for it ! )

wah, happy anniversary for both of you!! :)

aQma♥ said...

ya,i know,have same promo here~unfortunatelly.i buy before the promo~:((

thanks maii^^

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