06 January, 2012

im back^^

heY!!first of all I want to wish HaPPy New YeaR to everyone ;)

Gomen for lacking of updates for few month~
been really buzy with live,this-this,that-that,yada-yada,
and getting my lappy fix~wooh...finally!
well lots of stuff happen to my live..
maybye i will shre it latter~

my fb acc has been hack!
like wtf???
i was so sad,so ive make a new acc..
WHICH;has been disable by fb...
like F.U FB!!!
so geram!!!!
really disappointed with fb~like REALLY!!!
i think im gonna quit fb for a while....;(((

ok enough with fb stories...
Now i ging to spam you with some of my latest camewhore pic:))))
fyl:my hair is short alredy:))

sory for bad quality pic~lost my camera~!
need a new one badly :((((

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