13 January, 2012

New Fav things in life^^

ARigatou everyone^^

its hav been a new year!
lotsa things heppen in my live~
learn new things,
know new friends~

well these are some my new fav thing in live~

 new bestie~the middle one~CAROL
we r tight rite now and hope tht wont change~
cuZ i love her^^
she really an understanding person~

 MY New haircut AND colour!
my hair is supa short rite now~
i was scare to make it short at first,
cuz my hair was neva short since i was a kiddo~
thnks to my personal hairstylish~Ronnie~THnk U!
fell in love in this since the beginning ~
but neva really learn how to do it properly 
since we ar studying tis now~
got adicted to it!

POCKY stick~
in Malaysia its rocky,
honestly,i though tis  is just a kidd snack,
it turn out a mouth watering 4 me~LOL
cant get enough of tis~:D

hell yeah...this raw thiggy has finally become my fav food~
i use to kindda disgust with it because of the rawness,
but its my FAV now~^^


♡ Miharu ♡ said...

you look so cute >_<
love your hair X""D


aQma♥ said...


MuiMui said...

I think short hair suits you really well :D ~
Loving the nails too ^^)/

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